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With the company having started out as a surfacing specialist this ability and capacity remains essential. This capacity supports both surfacing centric contracts (large and small) and the construction or rehabilitation of roads type projects.

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Asphalt Paving

Three teams serve the local market either on our own projects or as a sub-contractor. The quality of the end product is ensured through regular testing by our in-house laboratory. Our capability extends to new road construction, asphalt overlays and existing pavements and specialised applications such as substrate and Astra Turf Hockey Pitches. 


Bituminous Surface Treatments

These surface treatments include: prime coat, tack coat, single and double seals, cape seal, slurry seal and fog spray; all of which are within the company's experience. Quality end product is supported by the regular calibration of distributors and the monitoring of material quality (bitumen and aggregate).

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Surface Defects Repairs

The repairs relate to filling of surface depressions (ruts), crack sealing, patching of potholes and the reinstatement of edge break. The work is carried out to contract specification or else defaulting to SATCC requirements.

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Bitumen Handling

Having the facilities to store, heat and transport bitumen gives capacity to undertake remote works. In addition to the handling of bulk supply with tankers, there is also the capacity to decant bitumen from drums and pump in to bulk storage tanks.

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