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Construction of Infrastructure has become core business for Bitumen World. This speaks to the construction of new or rehabilitation of roads (both national and secondary routes), the development of urban infrastructure, bulk earthworks, the construction of concrete structures and buildings.


Road Construction / Rehabilitation

All works (including earthworks, layer works, surfacing, storm water drainage, concrete structures, road signs, road marking and other ancillary items), done to contract specification; typically, Ministry of Transport or SATCC.

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Urban Infrastructural Development

This pertains to the development of commercial or residential erven and associated roads and stormwater drainage, along with provision of various services such as sewer and water reticulation, all as specified. A few successful contracts have been undertaken.


Bulk Earth Works

Earthworks associated with the construction of road and dam embankments and open cast mining activities.


Structural Concrete and Building

There is capacity to undertake both the construction of both reinforced concrete structures and commercial or domestic buildings. The experience thus far i.r.o. structural concrete works stems from the construction of bridges (inclusive of road over rail), various stormwater structures and water retaining structures.

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