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Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd envisions and provides diverse and complementary services that effectively guide clients through the intricacies of the construction process. 

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Visions and Values

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From humble beginnings, the company has evolved into a leading Civil Engineering Construction business in Zimbabwe. Whilst specialising in the construction of roads and related structures, Bitumen World has over the course of its existence and in response to Customer demand progressively developed capabilities in almost all aspects of civil, building and bulk earth works. Bitumen World’s ability to diversify and grow its activities has been made possible through  visionary and strategic planning by The Board and the ability of the Company’s highly qualified and vastly experienced Management Team and Personnel working at all levels throughout the organization and their dedication to the delivery of a consistently high quality service to Bitumen World’s precious Customers. 

Bitumen World’s significant investment in attaining International Organisation For Standardisation (ISO) Certification in the categories of Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management attests to the Company’s unwavering commitment to good corporate governance and the safety, health and general wellbeing of its expanding and highly valued workforce. 

The demand for Bitumen World’s services has driven its acquisition of new machinery and equipment. The Company presently boasts a combined total of over 400 vehicles, machines and specialised pieces of equipment.

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Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd, was incorporated in Bulawayo in July of 2012 and opened its doors for business in Harare on the 1st of September 2012.

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Our team of qualified and experienced professionals has a passion for the industry and
commit to several core values:



We strive to provide our Customers with superior value (quality, cost, and efficiency) through our products and services and deliver as per our promises.
We make Customer Satisfaction our top priority.


We bring accountability to every job through detailed project reports, adherence to accepted procedures and thorough review of each interim and finished project. 


We practice social responsibility in protecting the environment and societies from the hazardous by- products of our processes.


We perform all services to meet and exceed the highest standards of our Customers.
We seek to provide our Shareholders with a favorable return on their investment.
We continually review our business with a view to improving our products, processes, services and personnel.


We engage in compliant practices that add significant value to our Customers’ Projects through reduced risk and strict adherence to project schedules and budgets. 
We provide our personnel a safe and healthy work environment that is conducive to peak performance and continual improvement. 
We treat our employees as valuable assets to be appreciated, protected, nurtured and developed. 

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