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Herewith an account of a group of travelers venturing towards South Africa and encountering the best of Bitumen World

“We had an amazing experience last week!

We were travelling to Beitbridge to cross into South Africa for a safari holiday.

Near to the 120km peg from the border, our car just gave up and came to a standstill. (To make all Land Rover owners happy, we unfortunately have to inform that it was a Land Cruiser!).

A very quick diagnosis indicated that there was no fuel coming from the fuel tank to the engine. This is a tricky fix as the tank has to be dropped to be able to reach the fuel pump.

As most people know it is remote and deserted around that marker peg. We were not very “happy campers”, to put it mildly.

After 20 minutes of being stranded on the roadside, a vehicle from Bitumen World stopped and asked if we needed assistance. Admitting this was not a straightforward fix, your staff member who was in a hurry, reluctantly left us.

Within 30 minutes, three more vehicles from Bitumen World stopped and asked if they could assist (no other road users bothered!).

Our vehicle was towed back to the workshop, and we were driven to the Lion and Elephant, where we were accommodated for the night.

Being the driver, I was mentally preparing myself to go back to the workshop to begin the arduous task of dropping the fuel tank to begin the repairs.

Before our breakfast was finished, Travis from Bitumen World dropped in to let us know that they had attended to the vehicle earlier and had found out that the fuel pump was dead. Travis told us that he was on the way to Beitbridge to find a replacement pump.

I gave him some cash and off he went leaving my group to relax at the Lion and Elephant.

At nearly three o’clock that Sunday afternoon he drove into at the parking lot in the vehicle, he and his team had spent most of the day fixing it:

The group and I were totally speechless.

I did not have words to express our gratitude both, for the incredible attitude of the Bitumen World team and the assistance they gave us. This company is not only doing an incredible job of fixing that dreadful road, and they are also the nicest, most helpful people anyone could hope to meet.

Unfortunately, they were too busy fixing the road to have the time for us to buy them a beer!

I would therefore, like to encourage our group members to buy these gents a drink if they ever get the opportunity.

It is assured that they will be there for travelers in need assistance on a desolate stretch of road. “

A note from the driver -Sorry for the long and slightly off topic post but I just needed to tell someone about these legends.


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