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The Husqvarna Mud Run is a fun, charity based event for anyone willing to get Down & Dirty for charity (KidzCan).

The Husqvarna Mud Run has been running for eight years and is an event 100% dedicated to KidzCan Zimbabwe. All proceeds go to supporting KidzCan Children’s Cancer relief.

The Husqvarna Mud Run isn’t like any other fundraising event in Zimbabwe. It is a series of obstacles and mud runs and ANYONE can take part. You will laugh and smile the whole way round the course and you do not have to be fit, young, experienced, strong, agile or robust. Fellow runners will help you over obstacles if you struggle and you will experience incredible support from all involved. You can sprint, jog or even walk the course. The main reason to involve yourself in this Husqvarna Mud Run is to have fun with your friends and family while raising money for KidzCan.

The event took place on the 15th May at Jam Tree and was authorised by the Ministry and the SRC and complied with their stipulated COVID-19 parameters. This year the Mud Run was in waves, each group of 10 started 5 minutes apart to make sure everyone on the course was safe.

There was hand sanitiser provided at the event, which was encouraged to use before and after the race. All participants had to wear a face mask when they joined the start queue and had to wear it up until they reach the start line.

Bitumen World were Proud Gold Sponsors second year in a row at this awesome event which saw 1000 enthusiastic runners who attended the event in order to support cancer which raised over US$30 000 for Kidzcan.


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