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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Michelle Small of Sliced ‘n’ Diced Catering AKA Sadza Queen. Who comes from a back ground of Fine Dining with three years of study at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She progressed after completing her studies to work in the renowned restaurant, Le Quarter Francais, which was listed as the Number 1 restaurant in South Africa. After returning to Zimbabwe she continued in the fine foods industry for 8 years before going into business on her own, specializing in outside catering. Two years later Sliced and Diced joined Bitumen World to provide traditional meals to the all the employees.

Sliced and Diced Catering are contracted by Bitumen World to provide meals daily that are both nutritious and tasty. Portion sizes and uniformity are of paramount importance. It is important to Bitumen World and Sliced and Diced, that the quality and quantity of food is maintained to the highest of standards.

Sliced and Diced with their twenty staff are servicing not only Harare, but also operate in Bubi , Letumba and Raubex – feeding up to 1300 plates per day, 7 days a week. Keeping up with the pace of the many projects on the go.

The logistic requirements needed to provide three meals a day in remote on site locations while keeping up with the speedy progress of the road construction certainly keeps them on their toes. Bitumen World builds roads FAST! Camp and kitchen locations change regularly, keeping up with the demands of projects that run 7 days a week. This requires providing fresh vegetables and meat to various locations in remote areas. While moving kitchens is a logistical challenge, Michelle likes to keep in mind how efficient and proactive the Bitumen World standards are. Sliced and Diced are proud to match the quality of the food with the roads that Bitumen World build.

Bitumen World’s management provide a lot of inspiration to Michelle and her team, who admire the high performance, leadership & management techniques utilized. Sliced and Diced strive to emulate those same principles and standards. Michelle and her team feel as though they are part of the Bitumen World family and thoroughly enjoy working together.


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