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Our ISO Journey has assisted us with streamlining our suppliers for products and services required by Bitumen World. One of the most important products used daily is fuel. Due to its volatile nature, there is always need to find a supplier who can meet specific standards and requirements when delivering fuel and ZX Fuels has done so from the onset of them providing us with fuel.

ZX FUELS is a Zimbabwean owned company incorporated in 2003 whose business includes the importation, wholesaling, and distribution of Petroleum products. The company owns and manages a fleet of tankers, which are employed in cross border transport and local distribution. All tankers are professionally calibrated and fitted with accurate discharge meters.

Its business model has been specifically developed around the needs and demands of its clientele. Their innovative approach to customer service, coupled with an ethic to stick by their commitments, has been the basis of building strong customer relations, which has ensured their sustainability.

Thank you ZX Fuels for living up to your values and standards. We appreciate your great customer service, quality product and always meeting our demands in a timeous manner…


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