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Big Thanks for Filling the Tanks

It takes a great set of suppliers for a business to thrive in any working environment, a supplier who is willing and able to supply your requirements while giving you a quality service and a competitive price. Fuel is one of our biggest need as Bitumen World and as such a reliable supplier is always needed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ZX Fuels and their entire team for its impeccable service and support throughout the year 2021. A special mention goes to James Campbell-Horne who has ensured that all our orders have been put in and delivered at our sites countrywide, has always given us a heads up regarding the ups and downs of the crude oil industry and always ensuring ZX Fuels supports us in implementing our IMS Standards by always supplying us with the relevant documentation needed to ensure the quality of their product, which in turn affects the quality of our own product.

We would also like to thank Engen Beitbridge for their excellent support and service throughout the year. With them being based in Beitbridge, Engen has been the cornerstone of our Petrol Supply for all our sites situated in that region. By allowing us to collect petrol as and when we need it, they have ensured that all our small plant does not come to a halt in its works. Not only have they supplied us with Petrol, they have also been one of our major diesel suppliers at our Bubi, Ngundu and Lutumba sites.

We would like to thank Mr Naido Mbedzi for his immaculate service in ensuring our needs are always met.


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