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Bitumen World is an organization committed to the protection and preservation of the environment as enshrined in section 73 of the constitution of Zimbabwe. In addition to being a law-abiding contractor, the organization is certified to ISO14001:2015, an internationally recognized Environmental Standard. The organization is involved in the construction of the Harare to Beitbridge road project funded by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. After handing over the 1st and 2nd phases of Harare to Beitbridge road in BUBI (Matabeleland South Province), motorists have not yet embraced the culture of preserving the environment by not littering while enjoying the smooth overlayed and well-marked road. Litter has been thrown everywhere along the road polluting the environment. Our culture of cleanliness being spearheaded by our CEO, Bitumen World (Pvt) Limited engaged local women to start the cleaning of the road for the 40km stretch (1st and 2nd Phase) which Bitumen World (Pvt) Limited has completed and handed over. The cleaning is part of the Corporate social responsibility and providing employment to the local community. Today, when you drive along this stretch you may think you are not in Zimbabwe.

We hope this initiative will encourage change amongst other stakeholders’ mindset so that we all be responsible citizens and keep our environment clean and safe.


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