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The Corona virus identified as COVID19 is a global pandemic; with the infection now starting to affect Zimbabweans. Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd. is monitoring developments and has implemented a five - step plan of  action. This plan will ensure that Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd. maintains a safe workplace, reassuring interested parties that it is monitoring the current situation closely and responding to it as soon as necessary.
A thoughtful and co-ordinated approach to the COVID 19 Virus will mitigate risks for Bitumen World at the same time giving employees and customers confidence in  Bitumen World’s ability to effectively and  efficiently continue operations.
Recognising its social responsibility, Bitumen World would like to share  with others its Emergency  Response Plan, public health recommendations, other  threats to your health as well  as its vision and aims and  welcomes your feedback as to  what actions you may be  taking against COVID-19. 

Practicing Social Distancing

 Head office practicing social distancing before lockdown 

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